by Jessica Jones

If I were to tell you I'd be sitting here one year ago, in a new studio, with a new fur baby, looking to hire an assistant, and not working a full time job (in addition to designing weddings).....I'd probably call you CRAZY.

Well, all of those things happened. Life happened. I lost my fur baby of 12 years 3 days after Christmas last year, I was overwhelmed with the amount of stuff in storage, my basement, living room and kitchen. (yes stuff...because a wedding designer has a case of floral hoarding..), I was still working for the government pushing pencils, and very unhappy.

Here I am.


Because I trusted God's gentle nudges, tears, practical jokes (I think he has a weird sense of humor), and just listened.

In July of 2015, I took a huge leap of faith into the unknown world of sole proprietorship & self employment. No guaranteed income, no matched 401K, and nothing booked for 2016. The very day I handed in my resignation, I was hired for two large weddings and one large family gathering. It hit me... I was NOT afraid of this. I was doing this by golly!

After that, I hit the ground running.... freedom, ability to breathe, finally able be a wife and mom, sleep 7 hours(well...maybe 5) each night, big creative push (that leaves me with a case of insomnia), a new studio space, and a feeling of peace that I simply cannot describe.

So with that, THANK YOU to my Savior, family and friends for your shoulders to cry on, strong arms to lift me up, and belief in what I'm doing. To my vendor friends and flower brothers/sisters....you know who you are! Y'all are just awesome! Thank you for your encouragement, honesty and friendships! To my clients...both past, present and future....You keep me going and charged up! THANK YOU ALL!

I'm so excited to see where 2016 goes...It's going to be filled with beauty both inside and out!

Enjoy some of the candid outtakes and special moments from this amazing year in the photos below...

Blessings in 2016!